How Do I Learn?

You learn in a completely controlled and supervised environment with the guidance of a team of professionally experienced and qualified instructors. We choose calm and smooth conditions of the mornings and evenings which are ideal and most suited for safe and easy training. All equipment is provided by the school. All equipment is internationally certified and regularly inspected by our team.

Our 4 Step Skill Training Process

  • We verbally explain a particular skill
  • We practically demonstrate that skill
  • Then you practice that skill
  • Instructors verbally replay it for you and give you necessary feedback
All skill training sessions are preceded by a briefing and followed by a detailed de-briefing session..

The Knowledge Training Program

  • Regular theory classes are conducted at every level of training to understand clearly what we practically try to achieve
  • Theory and practice compliment each other in the training program making learning to fly a complete experience
  • Students are encouraged to learn at their own pace depending on their fitness and aptitude levels
Every one has their own pace of learning and we tailor the lessons to best suit your needs. We don’t let our student pilots forget that they are doing this for fun and that they should enjoy every stage of their entire learning experience. And as they say, one who has the most fun is the best pilot

Temple Pilots paragliding training courses are totally focused to make safe, competent and confident pilots. We offer a full range of paragliding courses from our three-day Introductory paragliding course to Intermediate paragliding courses. From day one, you can learn and perfect not just your launch and landing, but your ground handling, your thermalling, using your paraglider and your understanding of micro-meteorology.

Temple Pilots is an international flight training school, one among the very best in the world. We conduct high quality training that includes basic and advanced techniques, flight theory, specialist skills and background studies that a pilot will require for a complete flight education.