Our base is at LAKE PARADISE is easy to reach. It is right by the NH 4, opposite CRPF, Talegaon. It is a 2 hour drive from Mumbai and 45 minute drive from Pune with a direct exit from the Expressway.

It is a new complex with all kinds of amenities. It has a landscaped garden with a play area and a club house overlooking the Talegaon lake.

The Club House has an outdoor area that includes tennis courts, basketball court and the swimming pool. The indoor area includes the Gym, pool tables, carom boards and table tennis.


The Accommodation

The accommodation is more like a home stay that includes separate rooms and dormitory. The stay is simple and clean, bathrooms have hot and cold water. There is a briefing room that is used for ground school and paragliding video sessions. We have a Wi-Fi connectivity and Internet facility available.

The Food

We have a well appointed kitchen. Our cook who we fondly call ‘kaka’ has 20 years experience in cooking. We have simple and tasty Indian meals which are a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian.

The Experience

You will be living with your course mates, resident Instructors and other pilots who you get an opportunity to share and learn a lot. It is a fun environment that will extend the joy of flying to talking about flying. We have lots of paragliding films and books to browse through.

The Transportation

All the flying sites are within a radius of 10 to 15 kms of our base at Lake Paradise. Temple Pilots has 3 school vehicles that we use for the team, the equipment and students that choose to use them.
Map – Directions from Pune
Driving directions to Lake Paradise Suggested routes
Sr.No. Time Route from Km
1 38 mins National Highway 4/NH 4 34.3 km
2 42 mins University Rd and Mumbai Pune Bypass Rd 33.7 km
3 42 mins Kalewadi Main Rd 33.9 km
direction from pune.jpg
Map – Directions from Mumbai
Driving directions to Lake Paradise Suggested routes
Sr.No. Time Route from Km
1 1 hr 58 mins Mumbai - Pune Expressway and National Highway 4 118 km
2 2 hr 0 mins Mumbai - Pune Expressway 139 km
direction from pune.jpg